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Tuesday, 1 September 2015
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General Booklist

See also Publications of the Borough of Twickenham Local History Society

* = in print
Title and Author Description ISBN Publisher Date
Alexander Pope's Twickenham, 1719-44 *
by Anthony Beckles Willson
Twickenham during the time of Alexander Pope Twickenham Museum 2007
Sion Row, Twickenham *
by Anthony Beckles Willson
A history of the building of Sion Row in Twickenham together with some of the residents. Occasional Paper no.3 The Twickenham Museum 2006
Cross Deep *
by Michael Lee
The House, its Owners and Tenants. Occasional Paper no 2 The Twickenham Museum 2005
Mastiffs & Minerals in the life of Alexander Pope *
by Anthony Beckles Willson
A study in two parts covering the lives of Pope's dogs and the creation of his "Musaeum" of mining and minerals. The Twickenham Museum 2005
The Making of Modern Twickenham *
by J M Lee
"Twickenham grew as a town during the twentieth century with a strong sense of history" 1-905286-08-2 Historical Publications 2005
Twickenham: The History of the Cathedral of Rugby *
by Ed Harris
For 80 years the famous Twickenham ground has fought everything the rugby game, the weather and RFU politics could throw at it. 1 899807 29 2 SportsBooks Ltd 2005
Mr Giltrow's Enumeration: A Walk through Whitton History *
by Ed Harris
The village of Whitton at the time of the 1901 Census 0 9551486 0 X Phantom Books 2005
Thames Eyot, the Site of Poulett Lodge *
by Michael Lee
The history of a plot of ground in Twickenham since 1700 The Twickenham Museum 2004
The Ferry from Ham to Twickenham *
by T H R Cashmore
(and Dysart versus Hammerton) Reprinted from Richmond History No25, 2004, pp3-15 The Richmond Local History Society 2004
Hampton Court, a Social and Architectural History *
by Simon Thurley
a comprehensive and lavishly illustrated history of the Palace and its surroundings 0-300-10223-2 The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 2003
The Story of Teddington Studios *
by John Tasker & Malcolm Newnam
Villages on the River *
An exhibition held to celebrate the re-establishment of an independent local studies museum. Includes a history of the house occupied by the museum The Twickenham Museum 2002
Elmfield House in 1722 *
by Paddy Ching, Mary Green, Sheena Harold
work of the Teddington Society History Research Group 2002
The Thames from Hampton to Richmond Bridge *
by David McDowall
The Walker's Guide, with sketch maps and lne drawings by Angela Kidner 0-9527847-2-6 David McDowall 2002
Highlights of the Richmond Borough Art Collection *
by Mark de Novellis
a catalogue of selected items from the Borough collection held at the Orleans House Gallery 1-902643-04-6 Barn Elms Pulishing 2002
Grounds for Celebration *
by Dick Cashmore and others
The St Margarets Pleasure Grounds 1854 to 2000 2000
The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Twickenham *
by Anthony Beckles Willson
a history of the old church up to 1713 and the new church from 1714 0-9527868-2-6 St Mary's Parish Church, Twickenham 2000
Twickenham, Teddington & Hampton - A Second Selection *
by Mike Cherry, Ken Howe & John Sheaf
a second collection of old postcards and photographs of the old Borough of Twickenham (from the Britain in Old Photographs series) 0-7509-1695-8 Sutton Publishing Limited 2000
Great Goldsmith *
by Peter Duncombe
The life of Sir Charles Duncombe, resident of Teddington 0-646-37845-7 Leonard Communications and marketing Ltd 2000
Hampton Court, the Story of a Village *
by Gerald Heath (ed Kathy White & Joan Heath)
a comprehensive history of the properties close to Hampton Court Palace, that form the "village" of Hampton Court 0-9538700-0-6 The Hampton Court Association 2000
Alexander Pope - the Poet and the Landscape *
by Mavis Batey
a survey of garden designs associated with Alexander Pope, including his own at Twickenham 1-899531-05-X Barn Elms Pulishing 1999
The Houses in Teddington, 1800-200 AD *
by P A Ching and others
work of the Teddington Society History Research Group 0-903341-78-6 Teddington Historical Publications 1999
Alexander Pope's Grotto in Twickenham *
by Anthony Beckles Willson
a study of Alexander Pope's Grotto, its history and a survey of the grotto today 0-9527868-1-8 The Garden History Society & The Twickenham Museum 1998
Bushy Park - Royals, Rangers and Rogues
by Kathy White and Peter Foster
reveals the hidden background to the wildest of the Royal Parks 0-9530245-0-4 Foundry Press, Clarence Cottage, Hampton Court Road, East Molesey, KT8 9BY 1997
Mr Pope & Others at Cross Deep, Twickenham in the 18th Century *
by Anthony Beckles Willson
a record of the construction of Alexander Pope's Villa and garden together with the neighbouring properties and residents of the time 0-9527868 0 X Anthony Beckles Willson 1996
Twickenham, Teddington & Hampton
by Mike Cherry, Ken Howe & John Sheaf
a collection of old postcards and photographs of the old Borough of Twickenham (from the Britain in Old Photographs series) 0-7509-1110-7 Sutton Publishing Limited 1996
Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill *
by John Iddon
a history and guide from Walpole's time to the present 0-9501495-4-3 St Mary's College 1996
Hampton and Teddington Past
by John Sheaf and Ken Howe
A comprehensive history of these two communities by the river 0-948667-25-7 Historical Publications 1995
Arcadian Thames *
by Mavis Batey, Henrietta Buttery, David Lambert, Kim Wilkie
The river landscape from Hampton to Kew 1-899531-00-9 Barn Elms Pulishing 1994
Teddington Past and Present
by Ken Howe
The History of Orleans House, Twickenham
an illustrated booklet describing the history of Orleans House and the establishment of Orleans House Gallery. 2nd edition 1994 0-903704-35-8 London Borough of Richmond upon Thames 1994
Twickenham Past - a Visual History of Twickenham and Whitton
by Donald Simpson (ed)
An outline of the history of the parish, fully illustrated 0-948667-22-2 Historical Publications 1993
Strawberry Hill, a History of the Neighbourhood *
by Anthony Beckles Willson
first published in 1991 and completely revised in 2010, a topographical history of the Strawberry Hill neighbourhood Strawberry Hill Residents' Association 1991
A Survey of inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard of St Mary with St Alban
The Teddington Society 1986
Blest retreats'
by Ray Desmond and others
a history of private gardens in Richmond upon Thames illustrated with plans, engravings and photographs London Borough of Richmond upon Thames 1984
Old Hampton, Hampton Hill and Hampton Wick
Hendon Publishing Co Ltd 1982
Images of Twickenham with Hampton and Teddington
by Bamber Gascoigne (Narrative), Jonathan Ditchburn (Catalogue)
a collection of all the known engravings and prints up to 1860 with some of special interest thereafter. Gallery of prints by Harriet and Peter George 0-906964-04-0 Saint Helena Press, Richmond upon Thames 1981
Bygone Twickenham
by Borough of Twickenham Local History Society
a collection of photographs taken between the 1860s and 1954 Hendon Publishing Co Ltd 1981
Teddington As It Was
a collection of photographs illustrating the earlier appearance of Teddington Hendon Publishing Co Ltd 1980
Stephen Hales Scientist & Philanthropist *
by D G C Allan and R E Schofield
a biography of the Rev Stephen Hales (1677-1761), Perpetual Curate of Teddington 0-85967-482- 7 Scolar Press 1980
Alexander Pope's Villa
by Morris R Brownell (introduction)
a catalogue of an exhibition of viewsof Pope's Villa, Grotto and garden held at Marble Hill House Greater London Council 1980
Twickenham As It Was
by Borough of Twickenham Local History Society
a collection of photographs illustrating the appearance of Twickenham and Whitton during the period between the invention of photography and the 1920s. 1975, reprinted 1992 Hendon Publishing Co Ltd 1975
by Alan C B Urwin
Th History of Gordon, Lacy and St Margaret's Houses, Isleworth, Middlesex The Hounslow and District History Society 1974
Marble Hill House and its owners
by Marie P G Draper, with an introduction by W W Eden
an account of the the construction of the house with a chronology of its owners, plans, elevations and photographs of the house Greater London Council 1970
The Thames at Hampton
by Peter Chaplin
a short history of the river, islands and riverside properties between Hampton and Hampton Court Geoffrey Dibb Ltd 1967
The Birth and Growth of Hampton Hill
by Margery Orton (ed.)
a history of Hampton Hill by members of the Hampton Hill History Society The PCC of St James's Church, Hampton Hill 1965
Twicknam Parke
by Alan C B Urwin
An outline of the history of Twickenham Park and the St Margaret's Estate from Domesday to the present day Alan Urwin 1965
A Description of the Villa of Mr Horace Walpole, Youngest Son of Sir Robert Walpole Earl of Orford
by Horace Walpole
This is a reprint of Horace Walpolw's description of the house and its contents which he first produced in 1784 and again in 1788 The Gregg Press 1964
Victoria County History of Middlesex, vol iii
this volume contains an extended article covering Twickenham, pp139-166 1962
Horace Walpole
by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis
The A W Mellon lectures in the fine arts, 1960 Rupert Hart-Davis 1961
Grounds for Celebration
by Bernard Garside
An account of Hampton School and other Hampton Charities during the 16th and 17th centuries 1958
A Brief History of Hampton School
by Bernard Garide
A shorter history of Hampton School prepared for its 400th anniversary Hampton Grammar School 1957
People and Homes in Hampton-On-Thames
by Bernard Garside
in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 1956
Parish Affairs in Hampton Town during the seventeenth century
by Bernard Garside
"being mainly a description and interpretation of the churchwardens' accounts of the second half of the century" 1954
The lanes and Fields of Hampton Town during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
by Bernard Garside
with a map 1953
The Manor Lordship and Great Parks of Hampton Court
by Bernard Garside
during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 1951
The Ancient Manor Courts of Hampton-On-Thames
by Bernard Garside
PART II, during the seventeenth century 1949
The Ancient Manor Courts of Hampton-On-Thames
by Bernard Garside
PART I, during the seventeenth century 1948
And So Make A City Here The story of a lost heathland
by G E Bate
a history of Hounslow Heath and the development of adjoining settlements including Whitton and touching on Twickenham Thomas Stone, Hounslow 1948
Their Exits & Their Entrances
by Bernard Garside
An account of the Parish Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of Hampton-on-Thames for the sixteenth & seventeenth centuries 1947
Incidents in the History of Hampton-On-Thames
by Bernard Garside
during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 1937
The Parish Church, Rectory & Vicarage of Hampton-On-Thames
by Bernard Garside
during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 1937
The History of Hampton School from 1556 to 1700
by Bernard Garside
A comprehensive history of the early days of Hampton School with much information on the history of Hampton nd the church during the period. Also contains a brief account of the years between 1700 and 1931 Hampton Grammar School 1931
Thames-side in the Past, Sketches of its Literature and Society
by F C Hodgson
a collection of 12 extended essays covering past residents and buildings of Twickenham George Allen & Co 1913
Victoria County History of Middlesex, vol I & II
these volumes cover Teddington and Hampton 1911
The History of Hampton Court Palace
by E Law
three volumes, 1885-91 1891
The History and Topography of Hampton-on-Thames
by Henry Ripley
The earliest specific history covering Hampton, by a resident. 3rd edition 1891 1884
Village London
by Edward Walford
a reprint was published in 1983 1883
Handbook to the Environs of London
by James Thorne
a reprint was published in 1970 1876
Memorials of Twickenham
by Rev R S Cobbett
a "parochial and topographical" history of the parish church and its incumbents together with records of many of the houses and people Smith Elder 1872
A Picturesque Tour of the Thames
by John Fisher Murray
The History and Antiquities of Twickenham
by Edward Ironside
The earliest known written hstory of Twickenham, with extracts from the parish registers and copies of the monumental inscriptions in the parish church 1797
The Environs of London, Volume III
by Rev Daniel Lysons
"being an Historical Account of the Towns, Villages and Hamlets within 12 Miles of the Capital" 1795
A short view of the principal Seats and Gardens in and about Twickenham
by Henrietta Pye
A short account of the Principal Seats and Gardens in and about Twickenham
by Henrietta Pye
A plan of Mr. Pope's garden *
by John Serle
facsimile edition published by the Augustan Reprint Society, no211 (William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, Los Angeles), 1982, with an introduction by Morris R Brownell 1745

See also Publications of the Borough of Twickenham Local History Society



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