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The Lodge (Twickenham Lodge): Twickenham: The Twickenham Museum
The Twickenham Museum The history centre for Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington and the Hamptons
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Thursday, 2 October 2014
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The Lodge (Twickenham Lodge)

  Date: 1748

House on Twickenham Common

Described, in 1794, by Edward Ironside as a "plain convenient family-house with most pleasant grounds" and by R S Cobbet in 1872 as:

"in its character incongruous, suggesting the possibility of a smaller structure having been added to the remnants of a much larger building".

This property stood beside the Hampton Road, Twickenham, just to the north of Wellesley Road.

1748      Mr Singer, entry in Poor Rate book
1765      Edward Styles, entry in Poor Rate Book
1773      John Davenport,entry in Poor Rate Book
      Francis Salvador, tenant
1781      John Davenport, occupier
1796      John Davenport Bromfield,
      Owner by inheritance
      Moore, tenant
1818      Twickenham Lodge, freehold
      Enclosure Award 342,343, 344-349
      William Baker, occupier, a surgeon
1820      Thomas Moxon, tenant
1836      Sir Wathen Waller,
      relict of Baroness Howe
1846      J Wright Nokes,
      described as House, garden & rickyard
1854      death of Thomas Moxon

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