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Sunday, 30 August 2015
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Grove House

  Date: 1669

100 High Street, now used as offices

An early photograph of Grove House
An early photograph of Grove House
Grove House, 100 High Street, Hampton, was formerly known as the Brick House, then the Grove or Grove House. It is a large brick-built house of two storeys with extensions, dating from the second half of the 17th century and now used as offices. It has (or had) a very ornate music room, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a "mosque", built in the style of the Alhambra in Spain.

1669      The Brick house "late built of bricks" in Manor books
1782      Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 1st Bt
1801      Neil Benjamin Edmonstone, 4th son
      Sir Charles Edmonstone, 2nd Bt
1819      Bought by Samuel Shuker (1754-1822) for 1152
1820      House sold for 2500
1892      Charles James Stutfield (d 1926). Music room added
1927      House sold
1950      Planning application led to new Hampton Residents Assn.
1966       Plan to demolish & build houses rejected. Converted to offices
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The music room
The music room

  • G D Heath, Hampton in the nineteenth century, Borough of Twickenham Local History Society Paper No. 27, 1973 & 1993 (2nd edition)
  • G D Heath, A Chronicle of Hampton 1956-1981, 1981
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