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Saturday, 29 August 2015
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Fortescue House

  Date: 1770-1038

Built on land later occupied by Regal House, giving its name to Fortescue House School

Fortescue House in the London Road, Twickenham in the 19th century
Fortescue House in the London Road, Twickenham in the 19th century
Fortescue House was built in about 1770 in the London Road where what is Regal House now stands, possibly by the 2nd Baron Fortescue. The land on which it was built may have formerly have been occupied by a playhouse (see Twickenham Theatres).

It was owned during the 19th century by the Chapman family (see Edward Chapman II). In 1870 it became the Metropolitan and City Police Orphanage, and then Shaftesbury Homes in 1878 (see Sir Walter Alcock and Wellesley House). It remained thus until 1937, shortly after which it was demolished. The Regal cinema was built on the site (see Local Cinemas), to be replaced in its turn by Regal House.

A chronology of the house and its occupants can be found in our Houses of Local Interest section.
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