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The Earl of Bute
Prime Minister of England 1762-63
1713 - 1792

the Earl of Bute

Distinguished botanist

John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute was, inter alia a great patron of literature and the fine arts and a distinguished botanist. His mother was the daughter of Archibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll which made him the nephew of the 3rd Duke, of Whitton Park. It was probably this connection which led to the transfer of a number of specimen trees from Whitton to Kew following the death of the Duke in 1761.

Prime Minister of England

He served as Prime Minister from 1762 - 63.

In 1736 he had married Mary, daughter of Edward Wortley-Montagu, which made him son-in-law of Lady Mary Wortley-Montagu, resident in Twickenham between 1722 and 1758. He is recorded as tenant of a house in Montpelier Row, probably South End House which had previously been occupied by Thomas Stonor, between 1746 and 1748.

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