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James Alexander Mustard
Survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade
1830 –1916

James Mustard in later life

A young soldier from St Margarets

James Alexander Mustard a young soldier from St Margarets, was sent to fight in the Crimean war.

With his comrades in the Lancers, he was ordered to charge through a valley and remove Russian cannon from the heights.

The soldiers were surrounded on all sides but attacked bravely – they lost the heights and many of them were killed.

James Mustard was slightly hurt but he helped his comrade the wounded Trumpeter Landfried to safety.

Painting of the Charge of the Light Brigade by Caton Woodville

His own words

Later he described the experience:

‘All I know is that we started at a trot, then at a canter, and finally at a mad gallop in which horses and men were wedged together…It was hell. Cannon belched forth shot and shell….and I saw many a comrade fall… ,

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