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Kingston Bridge
First wooden bridge connecting Kingston with Hampton Wick

Painting showing first Kingston Bridge

Wooden bridges

There have been at least three, if not more, wooden bridges crossing the Thames at Kingston. The first bridge dates back to 1219 though there was a crossing noted by the Romans.

For many hundreds of years the only local bridges across the Thames were London Bridge and Kingston Bridge.

A new stone bridge

The last timber bridge was often in a state of disrepair. It was only 12 feet wide and as traffic increased it became difficult and dangerous.

In 1825 a new stone bridge of five elliptical arches and 25 feet wide was planned. It was designed by Edward Lapidge and made of Portland Stone.

Coming of the trams

In 1906 tram lines were laid across the bridge making it the first Thames Bridge to have trams crossing it.

The traffic now including the trams had increased so much the bridge became dangerous for pedestrians. The death of a young cyclist made the authorities take action.

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