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Louis Philippe Duc d'Orléans
sometime King of the French
1773 - 1850

Sketch of Louis Philippe

Three brothers arrive in Twickenham

After the French Revolution, French aristocrats lost their lands and properties.

The lucky ones fled to live abroad in exile. And so, in 1800, Louis Philippe the Duc d'Orleans came with his two younger brothers to live in Twickenham.

They lived here for 7 years accompanied by a few followers and servants.

Return to safety

Eight years later, Napoleon attempted a comeback in France.

Louis Philippe with his wife and family, returned to Twickenham where he felt safe. They rented the house which then became known as Orleans House.

Today the only part of Orleans House which still stands is now a public art gallery.

King of the French

Louis Philipe became the last King of France in 1830.

He visited Orleans House once as King in October 1844. He was deposed in 1848 and died in 1850.

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