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Three Repton Gardens

In the bicentenary year of his death, three otherwise unknown landscape gardens designed to the precepts of Britain's last great landscape gardener been discovered in Whitton. An exhibition follows the article published on our website today. Dates to be announced.  

Location: The museum

Teddington 800

1217 to 2017

New Exhibition running from now until the end of the year

In 1217 the Abbot of Westminster was asked to present to the Bishop of London 'a suitable chaplain, with maintenance, for Tudington'.

This marked the birth of the parish 800 years ago.

The story of Teddington is shown in 6 large timeline displays.

Displays kindly provided by The Teddington Society

Location: The museum

Hampton Court Model

Play at being a drone for a day with this fantastic scale model of Hampton Court Palace courtesy of Royal Historic Palaces.

Location: The museum