The Twickenham Museum
Exhibitions : Sporting History
  • Cricket
    A game known to have been played near Guildford in about 1550,
  • Cycling
    Probably the invention of a Scottish blacksmith in 1839,
  • Athletics
    The first recorded Olympics took place at Olympia, Greece in 776 BC,
  • Skating
    An activity possibly originating in Finland 400 yeara ago,
  • Horse Racing
    The sport of Kings and the king of sports,
  • Rowing
    A water sport derived from methods of transport and warfare,
  • Rugby
    A sport developed from a game long played at Rugby School,
  • Soccer
    Possibly originating from a game playes in Malaysia in medieval times,
  • Swimming
    Swimming was part of the first modern Olympic games in 1896 in Athens,
  • Tennis
    A modern game derived from rackets, fives and Pelota,
  • Bowls
    Famously played on Plymouth Hoe in 1588 bt Sir Francis Drake,
  • Sailing
    The first Yachts were speedy craft derived for chasing pirates,
  • Hockey
    A game deriving from a truly ancient sport,