The Twickenham Museum
Exhibitions : Public Houses
  • Introduction to the history of public houses
    Originally to serve travellers, the number of pubs and ale houses in the area swelled after the Beer House Act of 1830 and has declined since.,
  • Twickenham Pubs
    Coaching inns opened in Church St and King St to serve travellers.,
  • Whitton Pubs
    Three and half centuries of ale, beer and public houses.,
  • Hampton Pubs
    There were 10 public houses in Hampton in 1800, but only four today.,
  • Hampton Hill Pubs
    There were known to be two pubs in Hampton Hill in 1839.,
  • Hampton Wick Pubs
    Being at the end of Kingston Bridge and near Hampton Court meant that there were many pubs.,
  • Teddington Pubs
    There may have been a malthouse and brewhouse in Teddington in 1657.,