The Twickenham Museum
Exhibitions : Road Rail and River
  • Introduction to Road Rail and River
    The river and roads allowed the early movement of people and good. The railway came in the 19th century, followed by trams trolleybuses and omnibuses in the 20th.,
  • River Transport
    The river has long been a conduit for the movement of goods and people,
  • Horses and Horse-drawn Vehicles
    Horses carried travellers, pulled coaches for the gentry and carts for the rest,
  • Buses and Charabancs
    Before 1800 stagecoaches ran between London, Twickenham and Hampton and surrounding areas,
  • Railways
    The London and South Western Railway Company arrived in Twickenham in 1848,
  • Bicycles
    Bicycles were not popular until the invention of the 'bone-shaker',
  • Cars
    Before 1900 most local roads were narrow, unmetalled, uncambered, ill-drained and in places bordered by deep ditches,
  • Commercial Vehicles
    Steam traction engines first arrived in the 1850s,
  • Trams
    The trams came to Middlesex at the start of the 20th century,
  • Trolleybuses
    Trolleybuses ran from 1931 to 1962,