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C J Sauthier
Mapmaker of Twickenham
1736 - 1806

Maps for New York

Claude Joseph Sauthier (1736-1802) was a native of Strasbourg in France. He was trained in surveying, architecture and landscape gardening. He went to North Carolina in 1767 to work with Governor William Tryon (1725-1788) and moved with the Governor to New York in 1771, making maps for that province. He returned with Tryon to England but soon after returned again with the Governor to New York.

Tryon's father, Charles had married Lady Mary Shirley (1702-71), daughter of Sir Robert Shirley, first Earl Ferrers, by his second marriage to Selina Finch. When William died, in 1788, he was buried in St Mary's churchyard, in the Ferrers tomb, to be joined by his wife in 1791.

Earl Percy - friend and patron

When Sauthier returned to New York in the 1770s, he became acquainted with Earl Percy, a soldier and heir to the Duke of Northumberland. The Earl became the patron and friend of Sauthier. Percy returned to England after the American War of Independence and Sauthier resided on the Percy Estates for a number of years.

a section of Sauthier's map of Twickenham covering Pope's Villa and the Cross Deep area, by courtesy of LBRUT Local Studies Library

1786 map of Twickenham

In 1786, the date of Sauthier's map of this locality, Earl Percy succeeded his father as 2nd Duke of Northumberland, with his main residence at Syon House. In 1790 Sauthier left England for Strasbourg, where he died in November 1802.

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