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Park and Barham Houses
A 17th century building, divided into two houses

Park House and Barham House, 35 and 33 High Street, Hampton

Park and Barham Houses, known as 35 and 33 High Street, were originally a single building, Alfred House. It was a three-storey plaster-covered brick building dating from before 1700.
1692 ?Colonel Richard Bynns
1702 Widow Essex Bynns (d1707)
1707 Rev Richard Bynns, son (d1713)
1714 Ann Bynns (Lady Shadwell), niece, of St Marylebone (d1777)

c. 1800: Mrs Anne Hare

c. 1812: Rev William Church (d 1829), Alfred House School

c. 1829: Mrs Jenny Berryman, Alfred House School

1844: Sarah & Thomas Stovold & Sons

1894-1902: Hampton Local Board (later Hampton UDC) offices in Park House

Further reading:

G D Heath, Hampton in the Nineteenth Century, Borough of Twickenham Local History Society Paper No 27, 1973 & 1993 (2nd edition)

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