The Twickenham Museum
Exhibitions : Villages on the River

The River & 25 The Embankment
The building in which the museum is housed.

Drawing of 25 The Embankment and St Mary's Church, 1952

This building is reputed to have been built in about 1720. It has enjoyed a long association with the river and with watermen and ferrymen. Although we cannot say with certainty who all the occupiers have been, the house was occupied by the from 1896 until about 1952. This family of watermen, ferrymen and boat builders are first recorded in Twickenham in 1610.

Church Lane, Twickenham c1900 with organ grinder

For many years, particularly in the 19th century, the area between and the river, the oldest inhabited part of Twickenham, was run down and overcrowded.

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