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Possibly originating from a game playes in Malaysia in medieval times

Teddington school team in 1931
Soccer has by tradition evolved from street football played by apprentices in many towns on Shrove Tuesdays. In the Public Schools and Universities it grew nearer the game we know. In 1864 the Surrey Comet recorded: 'This year measures were taken beforehand to prevent the playing at football in the public thoroughfares at Hampton on Shrove Tuesday. This was partially attempted last year, but not thoroughly carried out. This year, by a ruse, the players were diverted to 'The Hurst' (Molesey Hurst on the Surrey side of the river). There also seem to have been regular street games in Twickenham and Hampton Wick. A more organised game, a twelve a side match, took place on Hampton Court Green in 1844
Hampton Wick F C in 1919/20

Today Hampton FC (now Hampton & Richmond Borough FC) is the only senior soccer team in a borough dominated by Rugby clubs. The team has evolved from, a string of earlier teams: Hampton Hill FC, Hampton Fire Brigade team and a Hampton Court Palace team were certainly playing in the 1890s. Some of these matches were played on Hampton Court Green, used for football matches until the 1960s. Old Hamptonians FC (former pupils of Hampton Grammar School) started playing in 'friendlies' in 1902. Hampton English Old Boys (ex-pupils of the English School and poor relation to the Grammar School) also started in the early 1900s.

Soccer5Hampton Hill F C 1907/8

After WWII there were four prominent works teams: Metropolitan Water Board (MWB), Hampton Launch Works, Hampton Police and Hampton Nursery Workers. In 1921 Hampton FC was formed following meetings with the existing local sides to try and create one good side representing the community. Eventually Hampton FC moved to their present ground, Beveree, in Station Road Hampton in 1959. This gave them, at long last, the chance to obtain a lease on their own private ground. Somewhat ironically the ground had previously been occupied by Twickenham FC who then had to obtain an alternative ground.

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