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Earlier the home of John Blow

The Beveree, 43 High Street, was previously known as Rose Villa and later Roseville. It is a three-storey, brick-built, house with two-storey "side wings", built in the early 19th century on the site of a late 17th century house.

Chronology of the Houses

c1690 House built by John Blow, organist and composer
1799 Remains of house bought by George Gray, with permission to demolish.
1804 Site sold to Lady Ann Sheridan (d 1808), widow of Sir Henry Sheridan (d1802), 4th baronet, of Havering Hall, Essex
c1810 Rose Villa built on the land, perhaps by John Blake Deverell [d1820]
Edward Jesse (1780-1868), Deputy Surveyor General of the Royal Parks and Palaces
1867 Large part of house burnt down. The proprty named Roseville
c1879 The property renamed Beveree
Cptn Robert Arthur Crawfurd Christie (later Christie Crawfurd) d 1948
c1948 A Retirement Home
1992 Twickenham Preparatory School

Further reading:

  • Hampton in the 1890's through the eyes of Captain Christie of Beveree, Borough of Twickenham Local History Society Paper No 71, 1995.
  • D Heath, Hampton in the Nineteenth Century, Borough of Twickenham Local History Society Paper No 27, 1973 & 1993 (2nd edition)

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