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Research: Houses of local interest and their occupiers

Ragman's Castle

Riverside, Twickenham

Built on a long strip of land running up Orleans Road, adjacent to the Orleans House Estate. Might have been “the great new house in the lane” of Richard Ell as listed in the 1661 parish survey.
Site of an ale house known as The Dog and Partridge
1635 Lady Falkland (1585-1639) [Glover’s map]. Widow of Sir Henry Cary, 1st Viscount (d1633)
1710 James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensbury (1662-1711)
c1720 an Ale House called The Dog & Partridge
?house rebuilt or renamed Ragman’s Castle
1740 *John, 2nd Duke of Montagu (1690-1749)
1742 Annabella a’Court & Matilda Repington admitted as co-heirs of Jane Vernon dec’d
1749 ?*Commodore Digby Dent
*John Colcroft Esq
1751 *Mary, Dowager Countess of Pembroke (1707-69)
1755 William Pritchard (d1763); Hannah Pritchard (1711-68)
1763 *Maria, Lady Waldegrave & 3 daughters
1768 Judith Spilsbury, Tamara Hurrell & Hannah Lloyd, by inheritance from Hannah Pritchard
1769 Elizabeth Hurrell, wife of Alan
1772 Thomas Vaughan
1773 Lady Bridget Lane (d1796), widow of the Hon George Fox Lane, who married:; Captain the Hon John Tollemache RN (d1777), to Colne Lodge in 1776
1774 John Sydenham (1693-1775), JP
1776 George, 3rd Earl of Cholmondeley (1724-64), George, styled Viscount Malpas, heir to the 3rd Earl Cholmondeley who d1770
1776 ?Hester Malpas Viscountess Cholmondeley (1727-94), late Sydenham . Died at Hampton Court Palace
1777 Sir Charles Warwick Bampfylde (1753-1823) MP
1778 Robert Mayne
1783 George Hardinge M P & Judge (1743-1816)
1808 *Jeremiah Dyson
Mr Bannister
1810 Mr & Mrs Henry Cole (from Folly House)
1814 Major Jelf Sharp
1818 Alicia Tyndall Palmer & W V Palmer (EnclosureAward)
Richard King
1833 Richard Meade King tenant for life under will of Richard King
1846 described as "Mr Impey's Cottage and Garden" on a watercolour by J B Papworth
1848 Lord Kilmorey (living in Orleans House)
1850 House demolished

Note: * signifies tenant or lessee of property, where known. Many of the dates noted are "spot" dates taken from rate books, directories, Enclosure Award, maps, or other sources and may not indicate arrival or departure of an occupier. Occupation is shown chronologically although some exact dates have not yet been ascertained.