The Twickenham Museum
Research: Houses of local interest and their occupiers

The Glass House

near Marble Hill. A small glassworks, Twickenham

1652 Sergeant Birkhead for "ye glasse house"
1656 *John Clark (bur 1665)
1661 Sergeant Edward Birkhead; "Trotts lives in"(?James Trott, Churchwarden in 1643)
1675 Mr Bright > 1677
1678 Richard Watkins
1686 ?Robert (1651-1722) & Sarah Bartlett (d1747)
1718 Wido Lane > 1723
1725 Mr Swain > 1734
1730 ?Mr Henry Eeles (d1747) > 1748
1734 Empty
1748 (?William Toothacre) Toothacre
1749 Mrs Toothacre
c1750 demolished & Little Marble Hill built nearby

Note: * signifies tenant or lessee of property, where known. Many of the dates noted are "spot" dates taken from rate books, directories, Enclosure Award, maps, or other sources and may not indicate arrival or departure of an occupier. Occupation is shown chronologically although some exact dates have not yet been ascertained.