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Research: Houses of local interest and their occupiers

Knowle House

32 Colne Road, Twickenham

1792 House built by Edward Chapman 2nd (1738-1800)
1818 Edward (1768-1830) & Joshua (1768-1835) Chapman, house garden & coach house, copyhold (see also Fortescue House)
1846 Messrs Chapman (325 on Warren map)
House named Knowle House
1872 Samuel Charles Hemming
1881 John B Gapp, Boilermaker employing 50
1882 J N Goatly (1842-1923)
1900 J N Goatly in Knowle House
1913 J N Goatly. House used as furniture store
1915 Percy Chapman
2003 Charles Chapman
Knowle House, Colne Road, Twickenham

Note: * signifies tenant or lessee of property, where known. Many of the dates noted are "spot" dates taken from rate books, directories, Enclosure Award, maps, or other sources and may not indicate arrival or departure of an occupier. Occupation is shown chronologically although some exact dates have not yet been ascertained.