The Twickenham Museum
Research: Houses of local interest and their occupiers

Laurel Lodge

Heath Lane (Road), Twickenham

House built
*Admiral Holburne (1701-1771)
1765 Robert Baker
1774 *Augustine Noverre
Rev James Lacy, Edward Hall, James Richards, Alexander Turner
1784 Mr Benjamin Green (c1726-95), late Noverre (Samuel Lewis)
1797 Mrs Rebecca Green (widow of Benjamin, Deputy Registrar of the Court of Chancery)
1805 Samuel Haynes (?1746-1858) (connected with John Haynes in Heath House?)
1813 Mrs Haynes
1840 Lady Jane Turnour
1841 Edward Hobhouse, Gentleman Usher & a Quarterly Waiter-in-Ordinary in the Lord Chamberlain's Department
Mrs Tubbs
1852 ditto + the Hon A P Groves, brother-in-law Mrs Tubbs
1853 William Thomas Gray
1858 William Thomas Gray
1859 Colonel Godfrey Greene
G R Cox
1865 Mrs Cox
Mr Hargrove
1872 James Sidney Hargrove, Frank Ashton
1882 Frank Ashton, J P
1891 Egerton Spencer Gray
1900 George Nesbitt
House demolished
Laurel Lodge in about 1875

Note: * signifies tenant or lessee of property, where known. Many of the dates noted are "spot" dates taken from rate books, directories, Enclosure Award, maps, or other sources and may not indicate arrival or departure of an occupier. Occupation is shown chronologically although some exact dates have not yet been ascertained.