The Twickenham Museum
Research: Houses of local interest and their occupiers

Little Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Vale, Twickenham

1768 House built by Horace Walpole
1769 *Kitty Clive (1711-85)
1786-90 Sir Robert Goodyere
1791 The Berry Sisters
1810 *The Reverend Dr Bell, Prebendary of Westminster Abbey
1813 *Alderman Sir Matthew Wood
1818 *Admiral Bowen
1830 Mrs Mary Ann Davies
1832 Mrs Elizabeth Martha Davies, wife of Rev John Humphrey Davies (at no 2 Sion Row 1841/2-1845)
1840 Mrs Mary Ann Davies
1849 Edmund Edward Turnour, Lt RN (Frances Winterton Turnour baptised 16 May 1849)
1853 Mrs Mary Ann Davies, Edmund Turner
1858 Mr Archibald Brunton
1858 ditto
1860 Misses Mony
1882 Sir Samuel Cunard; moved to Lebanon Park in 1883
Little Strawberry Hill

Note: * signifies tenant or lessee of property, where known. Many of the dates noted are "spot" dates taken from rate books, directories, Enclosure Award, maps, or other sources and may not indicate arrival or departure of an occupier. Occupation is shown chronologically although some exact dates have not yet been ascertained.