The Twickenham Museum
For children

The Twickenham Museum
25 The Embankment
c1720 - present

Twickenham Museum at 25 The Embankment, Twickenham

Riverside location

The cottage that houses the Museum faces the River Thames and is next to the Parish Church of St Mary in the oldest part of Twickenham. An early picture of the house, from a watercolour painting of around 1835, can be seen on the display board on the first floor.

Inside at the centre of the house, you can see the original timber post supporting the roof. The roof is tiled with red pantiles. Outside, the cobbled lane leads to a slipway on the river and on the opposite bank are the boatyards of Eel Pie Island.

Jack Ellis

Who lived here? A branch of the Hammertons, watermen, ferrymen and boatbuilders, lived here with their 12 children from 1896 until 1939 or later. Jack Ellis was the last owner and he left the house to the Museum when he died in 1994.

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