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Church Street
An ancient thoroughfare

Church Street in about 1900, looking towards The Fox Public House

An ancient street

A walk down Church Street today reveals a mix of old and new buildings - the 15th century Church Tower with its early 18th century red brick nave, the 17th century Fox public house, the 18th century bookshop and craft shops and 19th and 20th century shops, restaurants and offices.

For centuries Church Street was the main road through Twickenham for travellers between Richmond and the west. When the King came through on his way to Hampton Court the bells of St Mary's Church were rung or the Parish was fined.

The Manor House (Arragon Towers) before demolition in 1934

Shopping 100 years ago

One hundred years ago shops only sold fresh food and everyday items. Records show that 100 years ago Church Street had:
5 butchers
3 bakers
a fishmonger, fruiterer, grocer and greengrocer
3 tailors/dressmakers
2 boot/shoemakers
2 drapers/outfitters
a hatter and a staymaker

Unlike today, most of the shops sold goods that were either made or prepared on the premises or brought in from the local farms and market gardens.

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