The Twickenham Museum
For children

Hampton Court Palace
Built by Cardinal Wolsey

The West entrance

Built in 1514
Thomas Wolsey Archbishop of York started to build Hampton Court Palace in 1515. He gave it to Henry VIII in 1525. Henry changed the design of the palace. It was the largest house in England at the time. Archeologists are still finding out what sort of changes he made.

The Maze as laid out by William III in 1695

The Maze
The palace and grounds were altered again between 1689 and 1700. The famous maze was planted in 1695.

Open to the public
The Palace and Gardens were first opened to the public by Queen Victoria in 1833. Some of the most interesting features are: the Tudor Kitchens, the Great Hall, the Great Vine planted in 1768, the maze and the tennis court.

Real Tennis
The tennis played on this indoor court is different from lawn tennis. It is called real tennis. In this type of tennis the ball can be bounced off the walls. People still go to Hampton Court to play real tennis.

Fire at the Palace
There was a serious fire at Hampton Court in 1986 and parts of the palace were badly damaged. They have now been restored.

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