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David Garrick
England's greatest actor manager
1717 - 1779

David Garrick

The most celebrated actor of his day

David Garrick was one of the most successful actors of his time. He was very good at playing many different kinds of people on stage. He first became well known in 1741 for acting as Richard III in Shakespeare's play, but he was also good at other more modern roles.

As well as being an actor he was also manager of the Drury Lane Theatre in London. He even wrote plays himself.

The blue plaque outside Garrick's Villa in Hampton

New ways of doing things

He brought many new techniques to the English theatre. These included introducing a new style of acting and a way of hiding the stage lights so that they didn't obstruct the view from the audience.

Peace and Quiet

In 1854 Garrick came to live in Hampton to escape his busy London life. The house where he lived is now called 'Garrick's Villa'. He built a Temple to Shakespeare in his riverside garden.

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