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Charlie Shore
Water Carnival & Regatta organiser
1853 - 1911

Charlie Shore

The Waterman

Twickenham once had a waterman known as 'Good Old Charlie Shore'. Charles William Shore was born in Twickenham in 1858. When he was 15, he was apprenticed to a local waterman. Do you know what a waterman did?

Watermen like Charlie made their living on the River Thames. They were skilled oarsmen. They kept boats, and hired them out. They ferried people across the Thames, and transported goods up and down the river.

Charlie Shore's Boathouse on Twickenham Riverside

Boys and Girls Regatta and Water Carnival

In 1894, Charlie Shore established the Annual Boys and Girls Regatta and Water Carnival, which was great fun. The Regatta was a sporting event that gave children a chance to compete in a series of boat races. The lucky winners were awarded prizes, including fishing rods and tennis rackets. After the boat races, the children were treated to a feast. At the end of the day there was a big fire works display.

The success of Charlie Shore’s Regatta made local boys and girls eager to learn to row. Charlie lived on Water Lane, and kept his boats on Twickenham Embankment. His boats were always in demand. He was a very popular fellow.

The Regatta and Water Carnival that Charlie Shore founded for local children continued long after he died.

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