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The Statues at York House
Cascade, pool and Oceanides
1906 -

The winged horses and two of the water nymphs

Winged horses and water nymphs

In a riverside setting, the white marble statues in York House gardens make a striking scene. Two winged horses, with a female rider in a shell chariot, plunge through the water at the top of a cascade and pool. Seven other figures are sitting on the rocks or clambering up and holding out - what? Their hands are empty now, but some think they used to hold pearls aloft.

A mystery

Are they figures from classical myths? Are they water nymphs? Nobody really knows. Some call the horses Dragon Horses.

Sir Ratan Tata

How did they get here?

The statues were made by an Italian sculptor.

They were brought to Twickenham by Sir Ratan Tata nearly 100 years ago. To get them into the gardens a part of the wall had to be taken down.

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