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Sir Godfrey Kneller
Greatest Master of the English baroque portrait.
c.1648 - 1723

Sir Godfrey Kneller self portrait 1685.

Painter of Kings and prominent people

Sir Godfrey Kneller was the greatest painter of English portraits in his time. King William and Queen Mary made him their Court Painter and he worked for two more reigning monarchs.

His work was popular and many people asked him to paint their portraits including politicians, scientists, writers and the gentry. Many of his portraits can be seen today in art galleries and country houses.

Sir Godfrey Kneller's Coat of Arms in a window in St Mary's Church, Twickenham

Moves to Kneller Hall

He built Kneller Hall for himself, which became known as Whitton Hall that was re-shaped by subsequent owners until the 1850s when the house took the shape we know it as today.

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