The Twickenham Museum

Thames at Twickenham by Peter Tillemans

This panoramic view of Twickenham was painted in about 1725.  It is the earliest complete topographical record of the river frontage at that time, one of three views of the area that Tillemans is known to have made during the decade.  The picture contains much detailed information which, when collated with other contemporary records enables many of the owners or occupiers of the buildings shown to be identified.

It is also a social commentary by an artist who had come to England from Antwerp in 1708 and was prepared to paint what he saw.  The picture is essential viewing for those interested in the nature of life in Twickenham during the early part of the 18th Century.

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Thames at Twickenham by Peter Tillemans 1st section of painting 2nd section of painting 3rd section of painting 4th section of painting 5th section of painting 6th section of painting