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Neville House
London Road

plan showing Neville House in 1912

This house was probably built in 1725, possibly by Captain (later Lieut Col) William Lister (c1694-1774) of the Foot Guards or by Sarah Nicol (1697-1765) whom he married, probably a year or so earlier. They only appeared to occupy the house, paying rates in 1725, 1726 and 1727.

Their son Henry (1726-1785) became a Lieutenant General in the 24th Regiment of Foot Guards.

All three were buried in St Mary's churchyard.

Neville House in 1960.

From about 1785 the house was leased to William Graham, 2nd Duke of Montrose (c1712-1790) and his family may have continued to live there.

The Lister family retained ownership of the property at least until 1855: it is shown as belonging to Miss A Lister on Warren's survey of 1845 .

Thomas Twining II (1776-1861) had bought the Perryn House Estate next door in 1838 and he or his son Thomas Twining III later also acquired Neville House. When Thomas III died in 1895 both properties were offered for sale (1897) but Neville House appears to have been retained by his daughter, Augusta, Mrs de Wette. Following her death in 1911, it was again offered for sale, in 1912.

Neville House today.

Provisional Chronology:

1725 Sarah Lister (1697-1765) née Nicol built it?
Lieut Col William Lister (1694-1774)
Lieut General Henry Lister, son, (d1785)
1785 *The 2nd Duke of Montrose
1818 Eliza Lister
1841 Eliza Lister buried aet 100
*Richard Archibald Brooman
1860 Bought by Thomas Twining III
1872 unoccupied
1888 *Rev Richard Tahourdin, Vicar of Twickenham
1892 house empty
1897 *W H Blamey on lease
*Miss Grant on temporary lease
1912 House sold by executors of Mrs de Wette
1953 Mrs Hoahing
Converted into flats

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