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Cross Deep
A late 17th century house

Cross Deep engraved by Thomas Boydell c1755

A brick built riverside house of five bays with three storeys and a basement, built in the 1690s and expanded with two semi-octagonal wings in 1751 to a design by James Gibbs (1682-1754), who also remodelled the interior. Some Victorian additions.

1689/90 House built by James Fish (d1690)
1698 Mary Heneage
1708 John Willson (c.1670-1746), purchaser
1728 Thomas More (d.1736), purchaser
1736 empty, secured by Barnaby Backwell,
the owner of the mortgage
1743 John Ward, tenant of Barnaby Backwell
1751 Barnaby Backwell (1711-1754), great, great grandson of Edward Backwell (1618-83) the banker and jeweller ruined by Charles II in 1672. Edward bought Bushy Park from Parliament/Cromwell in 1753.
house extended to design by James Gibbs
1754 Sarah Backwell (d.1764), widow
1765 Peter Shakerley (d.1781),
tenant of Miss Sarah Backwell (d.1797)
1782 Captain Smith ditto
1783 the Hon.George Shirley (d.1788) ditto
1788 Sir Paul Pechell (d.1800) ditto
1802 Anne, Lady Mendip (1715-1803),
tenant of J.B.Praed (1779-1837),
Miss Backwell's heir
1804 Frederick Augusta Barnard (1743-1830),
1805 George Barnard (1777-1817), son

Cross Deep in 1928

1808 Frederick Augusta Barnard (1743-1830),
1810 the Hon.Mrs.Elizabeth Butler,
tenant of the owner
1824 Miss Ann Porter ditto
1836 George Barnard (d.1846),
grandson of the purchaser and owner
1846 Mary Anne Barnard (d.1893),
widow, remarried in 1851,
William Paxton Jervis (1786-1856)
1891 empty
1894 Frederick Hyde Pownall (1832-1907),
1910 empty. Inherited but not used by Pownall's
1918 commandeered by the Royal Engineers
1919 Cosmos Consolidated Ltd, purchaser
1920 Sir George Hastings (1853-1943),
1930 A.F.Fraser, later 19th Lord Saltoun (1886-1979),
1979 Lady Saltoun (d.1985), widow
1986 Brigadier John M.H.Roberts (d.1990),
1990 Mrs. Nicola Roberts, widow

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